Guardian Protection Services hosted its annual dealer conference in Las Vegas April 10-12, in conjunction with ISC West, where they discussed the company’s mission and vision and recognized Guardian dealers’ accomplishments with the exciting special agent theme of “Mission: Possible.”

During the business meeting Wednesday morning, Bryan Cipoletti, Guardian’s president, delivered a “state of the union” address. Cipoletti, who had been with Guardian’s parent group, The Armstrong Group, since 1987 and was the interim president since May, 2017, recently accepted the full-time position of president in January, 2018.

“He brings a lot of stability, which will be great for the dealers who are concerned with who is steering the ship,” said April Maloney, director of dealer programs. “Bryan has  been driving the ship for us for a really long time, so our dealers can expect continued enhancements for our dealer program.”

During the meeting Maloney presented new dealer programs and platforms and discussed the value they would bring to Guardian dealers. One of the things Guardian introduced is its selling-only platform. “It broadens sales potential beyond the traditional dealer who does selling and installing, to a new dealer profile who only wants to sell by using this platform and utilizing Guardian installation resources to perform the installation for them,” Maloney said. “That does a couple things: it can get you partnered with dealers who are better at selling and are not looking to manage installation, equipment or inventory in their operation. It also allows dealers who are traditional in certain areas to expand via telemarketing to areas they don’t currently reach right now without having to take an install team with them or send install resources or utilize subcontractors.”

Also speaking at the meeting was Bob Gallup, chief sales officer, Guardian, who laid out Guardian’s profitable growth plan. “We want to broaden our dealers’ horizons to markets that are probably not top of mind,” Gallup said, “and when we do that there are other opportunities for them to add value to the consumer.”

Gallup said Guardian is very focused on growing the right way. “So you’re never going to see Guardian or a parent company adding accounts just for the sake of adding accounts. That means we want to attract businesses that can accrue value to us and we can accrue value to them.”

Wednesday night was the vendor showcase, which preceded the dealer awards dinner at the Wynn. During this time dealers were able to visit vendor booths, speak with each other over hors d’oeuvres and get to know Cipoletti and others from Guardian.

The dinner, in true Guardian fashion, had an exciting theme — Mission: Possible — which incorporated clips and images from special agent action movies. The dealers were “agents” who were given missions and received special files with keys in them. Those who had specially marked keys won cash and other prizes. With fog machines, action video clips, and great food, the evening made for an enjoyable and entertaining time.

And much like actual special agents, the evening emphasized the team-like nature of the dealer program and the close-knit nature of Guardian Protection Services. Sitting down to eat with them and share in the celebration really did feel like sitting down with friends and family.  

The evening culminated with the announcement of the dealer award winners:

Production Awards (highlight production related to 2017 volume)

  • 3rd Place – Complete Home Security
  • 2nd Place – Home Guard
  • 1st Place – AAA Home Security

Focus Awards (highlight dealers exceeding in quality focused categories)

  • Highest Average 60 Month Agreements – Home Guard
  • Highest Average Credit Score – Kansas City Security Systems
  • Lowest Chargeback Percentage – Security Vision of Myrtle Beach
  • Highest Average ACH Percentage – Home Guard

Executive Award (a dealer that exemplifies Guardian’s strategy and vision)

  • AAA Home Security

President’s Award (a dealer that exemplifies true partnership)

  • Spectracom

On Thursday the dealers had breakfast and then visited ISC West and attended parties. 

The conference left no doubt about the focus and mission of the company, which seems determined to find ways to create a more profitable environment for its dealers and improve efficiency.