Play Dog eXcellent (PDX), a premier provider of dog care services in Chattanooga, Tenn., has completed a facility-wide security upgrade with Vicon’s new Valerus VMS. Meyers Security, also of Chattanooga, handled system design and installation of the new system, which incorporates many of the center’s existing analog cameras along with new high-definition models into a Valerus network solution that enhances the security and operations at PDX. The 20,000 square-foot building and surrounding four-acre property provides boarding, dog day care, training, seminars, workshops and performance events for the dog-loving community. The business serves an average of 120 dogs each day.

Meyers Security designed the solution with sensitivity to the facility’s budgetary concerns, offering a system that delivers ease-of-use and flexibility while minimizing hardware, licensing and installation costs. Plans to eventually swap out the remaining analog cameras with new HD analog models from Vicon will make the conversion simple and affordable.

New Vicon 4 MP cameras and 12 MP hemispheric cameras provide PDX management with an ability to see what’s happening across their entire property with a level of detail not previously possible. They can now differentiate between individual dogs on camera, even from long distances and when they’re moving very quickly. Coverage of the parking lot and surrounding grounds has helped to deter vandalism. In addition to security surveillance, the Valerus system is proving helpful with staff supervision, management and training. Video clips of staff interacting with the dogs, or the dogs interacting with each other, are used as “teachable moments” during staff meetings to demonstrate how procedures can be improved. Video from panoramic cameras above the training arena provides clear footage of agility exercises, which can be reviewed repeatedly by training staff.

“The new Valerus system is an important tool that helps me and my staff do our jobs better and it’s very easy to use,” said Nancy Miller, managing partner at PDX.