Paige DataCom Solutions, the developer of GameChanger, a new cable designed to significantly exceed the reach of traditional category cable, announced the results of an independent performance evaluation completed by UL LLC as part of its Marketing Claim Verification program. The UL assessment evaluated the performance of the GameChanger cable technology and verifies the claim that it delivers 1 Gbps performance and PoE+ over 200 meters.

“We are thrilled that the leading independent testing facility verifies that GameChanger delivers this type of performance at over twice the standard cable length,” said David Coleman, vice president of business development for Paige Electric Co., LP. “These results independently document that Paige’s GameChanger Cable really lives up to its name. With a reach that far exceeds traditional cable, it can save integrators and end-users an enormous amount of time, money and hassle across many different applications.”

Paige’s GameChanger cable extends the reach for any Ethernet application including high definition video and PoE+ to 850’ without a repeater making it ideal for replacing CCTV and for use in applications that are beyond the 100m reach of a traditional category cable. This cable eliminates intermediate IDF requirements and the need to install repeaters or transceivers, which are costly and introduce additional points of failure.

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