eDist Security announced the expansion of its relationship with Honeywell, with the offering of the Genesis Series Cable product line. eDist Security is the first independent security distributor for Honeywell Cable.

“The fact that eDist Security is the first independent security distributor of the Genesis Series Cable product line is a testament to the value our strategic vendors place on our strong business relationship. We anticipate this collaboration to result in growth for both parties, and look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come,” said Nick Scarane, president of eDist Security.

Genesis Series Cable includes a variety of products and features. PROFUSION, featuring a revolutionary twisting scheme, holds pairs together without binding for easier installation and is the most cost-effective solution for residential structured cable applications, the distributor described. WAVEFLEX boasts flexible jacketing technology for faster terminations and easier installations. Its ribbed interior prevents damage to braids, shielding or conductors, while jacketing technology allows the outer jacket to strip more efficiently. The Hybrid Thermostat is the cable designed specifically for the power requirements of the circuit, and ideal for both new (energy-efficient) and existing HVAC equipment. 

This robust product line will be a welcome addition to the Honeywell products currently offered by eDist Security, which includes a variety of fire alarm solutions from low- to mid-sized fire alarm systems to complex large systems tailored to specifications. 

Visit www.security.edist.com for more information.