Apollo Security Access Control has introduced the new ASP Series Controllers that add a new layer of flexibility by allowing ‘post-factory’ customization in addition to many other feature upgrades. This will put more control in the hands of integrators and even end users so they are not locked into hardware solutions that are ‘off the shelf’ and don’t provide any ability to adapt to customer specific needs for the present or the future, the company described.

The flagship of Apollo’s new controller series, the ASP-4 is an intelligent access controller designed to provide high performance security solution with ability to solve non-standard problems. Natively, the ASP-4 can support four readers and four doors, but when clustered with 32 other ASPs devices it can secure up to 128 doors in one management unit by utilizing inter-device communication across standard IT networks. Each ASP-4 can also support up to 16 additional readers by utilizing OSDP secure channel communications. Enterprise capacity of 250,000+ cardholders, 300 access levels with up to 50 access levels per card is provided at each device.

The ASP’s real power lies with ability to customize the functions of the controller by loading customized app scripts and third-party protocols. Using industry standard ‘C-like’ programming language, the ASP can have new functions designed by the integrator. Running customizations at the hardware level instead of in software offers the benefits of drastically reduced time/cost of implementation as well as superior reliability.

The ASP Series has been designed from the ground up to be friendly to software OEMs and systems integrators using other systems in place of or addition to Apollo Security’s software platform. A native open platform SDK allows tight integration with all the ASP’s standard features in addition to the customizations available through scripting and embedded software. The SDK comes with several integration pathways including .NET and Python and includes sample code, tutorials and online developer support.

To better support software OEM partners, Apollo Security’s parent company, ADME INC., has recently announced a new division, ApolloEM, which will provide support for partners that utilize the ASP hardware platform in their own software solutions.

“Establishing a separate division to strengthen our role as an access hardware OEM became logical as more partners are coming on board to utilize our new product line,” said William Lorber, vice president of sales and marketing. “We are excited to see the solutions that our partners develop on this platform.” Lorber added that partners will be able to share and market their solutions on the upcoming App Script Library platform that Apollo will roll out later this year to expand the effectiveness of ASP solutions.

Visit www.apolloem.com for more information.