NetConnect announced that the IP NetConnect platform is now integrated with Micro Key’s central station automation software.

“As the President of Micro Key, a key responsibility for me is to partner with companies and products focused on efficiency, profitability and relevancy to our customers and the industry,” said Victoria Ferro, president of Micro Key. “IP NetConnect hits the Micro Key Partner trifecta indeed! The IP NetConnect and Micro Key integration allows for network monitoring to actually present to an operator for handling and/or instant client notifications via SMS text versus getting lost in an email somewhere. Network monitoring is a value-add for the customers of our customers. This integration is just the tip of the additional RMR potential as the IoT opportunities become more relevant in our industry.  We are excited to have IP NetConnect as a Silver Sponsor at the Micro Key User Conference, February 26-28th 2019, as this new product fits in perfect alignment of the conference theme, Facing the Future Together.”

Matt Fleming, president of IP NetConnect, added, “In today’s connected homes and businesses, the network and Internet are everything. The reliance on the network and Internet are a great opportunity for service providers to monitor network devices and Internet connections to provide pro-active support in the event of a failure. The integration with Micro Key further enhances the offering to the customer by allowing these signals to flow directly into automation, where they belong.”

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