Alert Protective Services has partnered with the Roscoe Village Neighbors (RVN) on the launch of the “Neighborhood on Watch” (NOW) video camera program that will install high-definition security cameras in key neighborhood locations to enhance security and deter crime. All footage will be uploaded to an encrypted cloud portal where, if a crime occurs within Roscoe Village, it can be instantly retrieved and viewed by RVN administrators or Chicago Police detectives.

“This is a special program for our company and for the city of Chicago,” said David Silberstein, president & CEO of Alert Protective Services. “We are proud of our employees and excited about the deployment of this first-of-its-kind solution designed for the community of Roscoe Village. Given the escalated nature of crime throughout Chicagoland, we are pleased to team up with neighborhoods to enhance safety and assist in crime deterrence through the deployment of integrated security systems.”

The NOW program will feature cameras and signage installed at strategic locations throughout Roscoe Village. Residents and business owners can enroll to have additional cameras installed on their properties that can also be integrated into the cloud network regardless of their location. Alert Protective Services will handle the installation and maintenance of the network and will also donate the signage that will be posted alongside the cameras at each location.