Deciphering the National Electrical Code 2017 Changes

All Answers relate to NFPA 70, 2017 Edition

1. Taps from bare conductors shall leave the gutter opposite their terminal connections, and conductors shall not be brought in contact with uninsulated current-carrying parts of _______________
A. unlike sizes
B. the grounding electrode
C. the building grounding system
D. different voltages
2. Definition for optical cable has been moved to ____________.
A. Chapter 800
B. Article 100
C. Article 760 and Chapter 800
D. removed from the code
3. 725.170 was modified to remove the requirement for listing and marking of equipment for power and data transmission.
4. 760.135(C) was revised to ______________ FPLP cables installed in plenum routing assemblies.
A. prohibit
B. restrict
C. include
D. define
5. The informational note 1 in 770.100(D) was revised to clarify that _________ lightning protection system component may be used to provide the required bonding jumper.
A. no
C. size AWG 6 and bigger
D. listed
6. 356.12(2) has been revised to ______________.
A. replace “approved” with “listed”
B. replace “listed” with “approved”
C. add “approved and listed”
D. delete both “listed” and “approved”
7. The definition for 820.2, coaxial cable, has been _____________ Article 100.
A. removed from
B. added to
C. relocated to
D. modified by
8. _____________ added a section to address requirements for cable trays.
A. 800.4
B. 840.220(B)(2)
C. 725
D. 830.133(A)(1)
9. Information note 1 in section 830.1 _________________twisted pair broadband communications media type.
A. added
B. removed
C. modified
D. limited the use of
10. The definition for “control drawing” appears where?
A. Article 100
B. Article 725
C. Article 300
D. Article 250
11. When definitions appear in Article 100, the reason is because ______________.
A.all definitions appear there
B. it’s the first chapter of the code
C. it’s easy to locate when they are together
D. the subject of the definition is used in more than one chapter
12. A revision to section ____________ was done to include a separate section to address requirements for wiring systems above suspended ceilings.
A. 645.2
B. 725.66
C. 300.11
D. 800.25
13. The sum of the cross-sectional areas of all contained conductors __________at any cross-section of a sheet metal auxiliary gutter shall not exceed 20 percent of the interior cross-sectional area of the sheet metal auxiliary gutter.
A. larger than 6 AWG
B. smaller than 14 AWG
C. and cables
D. with a sheathing
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14. 725.179(G) has been revised ________________ for Class 2 and 3 cables.
A. a battery backup sufficient for four hours
B. an approved
C. a redundant 
D. to include minimum temperature ratings
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Post-Quiz Extra: What’s Wrong With This?

Thinking about the requirements in the National Electrical Code, can you identify any violations or deviations from code requirements?


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This would appear to be a very old installation, whereby someone could claim that the service guy was not careful. But, in truth, this is a brand-new installation; the photo was taken about six months after the certificate of occupancy was issued for the building. If you were a building or electrical inspector, would you have approved this installation? Throughout the NEC there is one phrase used in many locations: “neat and workmanlike manner.” Does this pass muster?