Five years ago, Kwikset, a brand of Spectrum Brands Inc.’s hardware and home improvement division, became involved with Building Homes for Heroes (BHH), a nonprofit organization that builds homes from the ground up or modifies existing homes to meet the needs of war veterans with severe wounds and disabilities. 

Through this association, Kwikset committed to supplying a full complement of locks and door hardware to outfit the mortgage-free homes the organization produces. Kwikset kicked off its participation by supplying its smart locks that provide key-free access — specifically its SmartCode Electronic Deadbolts and Lever locks — and assorted hardware for a home in St. Petersburg, Fla.  

“It’s an honor to be part of a program that plays a role in helping wounded veterans begin to rebuild themselves,” said Keith Brandon, divisional vice president, security marketing for Kwikset. “These brave men and women serve our country every day and often pay a very high price for doing it. To be involved in an effort to help them return home and start a new chapter gives me a sense of pride about our company’s contribution.”

Since 2014, Kwikset has provided smart locks and door hardware for close to 100 homes across the country. The company’s line of SmartCode Electronic Deadbolts is particularly useful for these homes, given that these smart locks, when connected to any one of the popular home automation hubs, allow the user to control a number of systems within the house, such as lighting, heating/cooling, A/V systems and shades. This functionality is often a necessity for veterans who have suffered severe injuries and whose mobility is limited.  

While there are a number of worthy organizations established to help house disabled veterans, Kwikset’s choice of BHH was swayed by the scope of its work and its ambitious goals. According to Chad Gottlieb, director of construction development for BHH, the organization is on pace to gift its 200th home by the end of 2019, and is aiming for 500 homes by 2025. 

“We have so many wonderful companies involved in our mission to give back to these veterans for what they have sacrificed for this nation,” Gottlieb said. “Obviously, there is no way to completely repay them for the service they’ve provided. But supporters like Kwikset, who has provided us with their outstanding lock products and door hardware for five years, play a big role in allowing us to at least provide these veterans with homes in which they can be comfortable, secure and live their lives to the fullest.”