Transport Security Inc. has served the freight transportation industry for more than 40 years, providing high security solutions for the fleet trucking, supply chain, portable storage and retail sectors. Recently, they marked their 40th anniversary in partnering with ABLOY USA to sell ENFORCER padlocks secured by ABLOY for trailers and containers. Both companies said they look forward to increasing market share in 2020.

"Security within the transportation and shipping industry has evolved substantially in recent years due to the increased risks in theft," said Keith Astrup, president of Transport Security Inc. "In the United States, cargo theft is estimated to cost customers approximately $15 billion in annual losses, so awareness is at an all-time high. We partner with Abloy because their padlocks give our customers the type of security that is second to none."

"Keith and his team at Transport Security Inc. do a tremendous job," said Jerry Burhans, managing director of ABLOY USA. "It’s why they are recognized as the nationwide leader in cargo security solutions. The ENFORCER brand line is highly regarded throughout the industry and there are thousands of ENFORCER padlocks secured by ABLOY attached to trailers and containers around the world. We are committed to helping them grow their business, and that’s one of the top priorities Joe Brown, our new vertical market manager of transportation, has on his agenda."

Transport Security Inc. is headquartered in Waconia, Minnesota. The padlocks employ a series of disc tumblers that function like those from a bank safe. Most are available with the new and patented Sentry keyway; Transport Security maintains the key codes for future key replacement and can set up a system for keyed alike or master keyed systems. The padlocks also utilize a unique rotating disc cylinder that is effectively pick proof and stands up to harsh winter weather conditions.

"We incorporate all of the ABLOY USA padlocks and cylinders into our product offerings for trailer and truck security solutions," said Nick Erdmann, Transport Security’s director of sales. "Our customers like the durability of their padlocks and cylinders, along with the ease of use and not having to replace locks due to malfunctioning. We have many customers that continue to use their ABLOY USA locks for years and years with great success."