The SPLT-.53K-LM20-EW-TLR7-ACC-2XPTZ.23X-1XFE-4TB-W4G solar-powered security tower comes equipped with a 120V battery charger and 25 ft. of 16/3 SOOW cord terminated with a 5-15P waterproof shore power cord cap. This unit is trailer mounted with a solar generator that has a 12-in. x 12-in. x 6-in. junction box and three 1080P outdoor cameras mounted to the top of the mast, which supports cameras for a 360-deg. field of view. The cameras have 23x optical zoom levels and a 4.7-94mm varifocal lens that automatically adjusts. The tower features an eight-channel NVR that can be used with network cameras and includes two 265-watt solar panels, solar charging system, battery bank and electric mast mounted on a trailer with outriggers. This three-stage mast is made of square steel tubing with a 12-ft. lower section, 8-ft. middle section and 6-ft. top section each with a 2-ft. overlap. The mast is extended using an 850-watt 600 lb. capacity electric winch with 3/16-in. galvanized steel cable. All electrical components are housed in a NEMA 3R job box bolted to the trailer.

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