Last week, the 11 PowerHouse Alliance distributor members celebrated their tenth year as a national consortium, convening for their seventh annual National Sales Meeting alongside more than 30 vendors in preparation for CEDIA Expo and the second half of 2019. The meetings concluded with the announcement of four new board members who will collaborate in leading the group going forward.

To start off the meetings, CEDIA Senior Director of Sales, Sponsorships and Partnerships Robert Keeler presented to attendees, discussing the changes in the industry and how the regional distributors can poise for growth through product diversity and the development of strategic partnerships. Keeler offered insight on changes in the industry, which is seeing more influence from outside trades such as builders and designers, as well as new technologies pushing consumer awareness. 

“The Powerhouse Alliance represents a phenomenal group of people who look to forward this industry in a very positive fashion,” Keeler said. “Integrators, new and established alike, can benefit from this group's collective knowledge in growing their business.” 

His message of industry diversification and expansion was timely, as the PowerHouse Alliance has grown in recent years with new members and locations joining the group and now with a new board: Garrett Breinholt, sales manager for member Mountain West Distributors, has been appointed new board president, with CJ Provenzano from ECD as vice president. Mountain West Distributor’s Craig Breinholt joins as the secretary, with Patrick Berna from Ui Supplies as the new at-large board member. Together, the board will work with PowerHouse Alliance Executive Director Dennis Holzer in guiding the distributor consortium into growth through its A2V house brand, new vendors and lines, expanding training programs and events, as well as new partnerships and developments.

"The new officers bring a fresh perspective to our group, and starting at the sales meeting last week we’re enthusiastic to contribute to PowerHouse,” Breinholt said. “Ahead of our biggest show of the year, CEDIA Expo, it's an exciting time to join as board president to help guide the group in new programs, partnerships and growth.”

“As the industry adapts to new technologies, consumer demands and dealer needs, the PowerHouse Alliance has adapted our offerings over the last decade to continuously serve our customers nationwide,” Holzer said. “At our National Sales Meeting, our members and vendors aligned on strategy moving into the second half of the year with CEDIA Expo ahead and starting 2020 strong. The PowerHouse Alliance is ready to make several key announcements including expansion plans, and with a new board in place, we will strategically advance in providing dealers with products across consumer electronics, light commercial and security categories, and seeking new vendors and lines that will suit our repertoire and bring dealers into their next opportunities. As always, we are committed to providing training and expertise, deals and convenient ordering and pickup.”

The PowerHouse Alliance 11 distributor members will exhibit together at CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colo. Sept. 9-14 at booth #2137.