Openpath’s lockdown solution gives authorized users the ability to lock and unlock any door, zone or building in case of emergency — including active shooter, other emergency incidents and natural disasters — from a mobile device or third-party trigger, remotely or wired. Openpath’s triple-unlock technology works over Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth, guaranteeing a fast and reliable connection. The solution is highly customizable and addresses the different needs that offices, schools, campuses, hospitals and places of worship have in emergency situations. Plans can be created for each situation based on locations, zones, permissions and protocols, and integrates with a wide range of activation methods including gunshot detectors, glass-break detectors, AWS IoT buttons, panic buttons, wired triggers and mobile phones. In addition, the solution is capable of alerting first responders of an incident via email/SMS, providing them with a real-time video feed from all the relevant cameras in the lockdown zone so they can see exactly what is happening and respond accordingly. 

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