SureView Systems, a global provider of commercial central station and command center response software, announced today the company will be splitting into two separate businesses to address these two distinct markets. Both businesses have experienced exceptional growth and this reorganization will allow them to continue to scale and better address customers’ needs, according to the company. 

“We have spent much of the last decade developing, refining and building teams to address our two product lines and the markets they serve; the commercial central station market with Immix CS, and the private command center market with Immix CC,” said Simon Morgan, CTO, SureView Systems. “The natural evolution of this process has been to develop unique businesses that operate independently of one another.”

The central station business will be retaining the Immix name, while the command center business will retain the SureView name for both the company and the product. The new entities will remain under the same independent ownership and control.

“We are excited about this change, as it gives us the opportunity for each business to follow their own path, focusing on the unique needs of their market and customers,” Morgan said. “This is not just about name changes; each business is backing it with some exciting and innovative developments to ensure the products continue to be agile and relevant.”

The teams that support these product lines today will remain and both businesses are adding more developers, engineers and managers to support a growing list of new customers.

The company says to expect further updates in the coming week.