ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of a cloud access control platform built for mobile, and Pedestal PRO, manufacturer of access control pedestals, announced a partnership to offer three custom pedestal solutions designed for turnkey mounting of pdk io readers. The pedestals allows for reader placement in free-standing locations where wall-mounting is not possible, including lobbies, entryways, parking lots, office space and gated properties.

As all pedestal dimensions and mounting holes align perfectly with pdk io devices, PDK dealers benefit from simplified installation and consistently clean, precise mounting. Pedestals also may be factory-ordered and shipped with pdk readers pre-mounted. All models feature premium architectural aesthetics appealing to A&Es, property managers, business owners and system users. Tiered pricing accommodates a variety of projects and budgets.

Pedestals are made from #304 stainless steel to match architectural facades, prevent rust and improve longevity. Customers can request customized height, width and color, as well as add additional cutouts and mounting patterns to accommodate third-party hardware. Each model can withstand Category 5 hurricane force winds.

A dedicated section on the Pedestal PRO website will make it easy for PDK installing dealers to review models, select options and place orders. The section also can be accessed via a quick link from ProdataKey’s website.

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