ProdataKey (PDK), manufacturer of a cloud access control platform built for mobile, today announced a partnership with System Surveyor, the award winning mobile and graphical system design and management tool that simplifies system design, installation and lifecycle maintenance. A complete catalog of PDK’s mobile-first access control system components are now available for import into the System Surveyor platform, making it easier than ever to incorporate PDK’s solutions into site plans and design drawings that can be shared by integrators, subcontractors, vendors and customers. 

Using an iPad or Android-based tablet or browser-based device, users upload a floor plan or Google Earth snapshot into the System Surveyor platform, and then drag and drop PDK components into place to create a system design. As elements are added to the survey, a bill of materials is automatically generated specific to PDK’s parts. A free 21-day trial of the full-featured System Surveyor software is available at

Importing the PDK catalog into the System Surveyor platform is a simple, one-time process. (A tutorial is provided via the above link.) Once complete, PDK’s components appear as elements within System Surveyor’s Access Control menu, allowing users to drag them into place within a site drawing or map. PDK’s ACS Controller, ACS Expansion, Card Reader, Node, Request to Exit and Server are available as elements; each is prepopulated with product-specific data and include a spec sheet link. Users have the option to manually enter additional, relevant information associated with each element, including room number, location description, configuration instructions and miscellaneous notes. A container feature helps to organize components into logical groupings. For example, a single door may contain multiple system elements, including a Node, ACS Controller, Card Reader and Request-to-Exit. 

“ProdataKey’s entire mobile-first philosophy is built upon our commitment to creating the most seamless, intuitive and convenient access control experience at every level,” said Jeff Perri, ProdataKey president and COO. “Our partnership with System Surveyor is a perfect extension of this mission, as it brings these same values to the process of system design and cross-collaboration between our dealers, their customers and all invested stakeholders.”

“We’re excited about the partnership with PDK and the inclusion of their innovative product catalog into System Surveyor using our importable Element Profiles,” said Maureen Carlson, co-founder and VP of sales and marketing at System Surveyor. “Thousands of security professionals that use the software want to co-design and collaborate on solutions with their vendors and customers while automating the bill of materials. System Surveyor makes it easy to drag and drop PDK’s access control solutions into a system design streamlining the process for solutions integrators to accurately serve their customers.”