G4S, a global integrated security company, announced a partnership with Stabilitas, a critical event intelligence provider, to integrate its platform into G4S’ Risk Operations Center (ROC). The result will be delivery of real-time, actionable and innovative intelligence to complement the ROC’s situational awareness, analysis, crisis management and threat monitoring services from one dedicated location. 

This solution is particularly relevant to companies that need to identify current and potential COVID-19 hotspots where they may have a high concentration of employees or suppliers, allowing them to inform staff and adjust operations due to local outbreaks. Stabilitas provides information about local policies and closures relevant to operations and supply chain as they happen. By coupling intelligence delivered by the Stabilitas AI with G4S ROC analysts resources, companies can have real-time access to information about areas with the most reports of COVID-19 as well as those with the highest day-on-day growth rates. As the nation looks to the future, these correlation tools and analysis are expected to be increasingly useful as clients seek to understand where and when employees have been most at risk.  

“The recent COVID-19 outbreak has made evident the need for local intelligence that can be globally communicated, as businesses with people and operations around the world need quick, comprehensive and actionable information to effectively respond to hotspots and make business-critical decisions daily,” said G4S Americas CEO John Kenning. “G4S ROC analysts are able to use the Stabilitas’ AI platform to provide customers with actionable data to help protect their employees, operations and assets. Our strategic partnership with Stabilitas enhances the integrated security service offerings we provide customers under our Security Operations Center (SOC) Practice.”    

Stabilitas’ AI-based platform also equips G4S ROC staff to deliver real-time intelligence, travel risk management, asset visualization and mass notifications to clients, employees, travelers and assets to keep their operations secure, a particularly valuable resource in the face of rapidly evolving global threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform filters more than 17,000 trusted data sources across government, weather and geological, local and international, social media, IoT networks and other external data sources into a single feed that identifies critical events and correlates those on a global scale, far surpassing the capabilities of manual monitoring and analysis processes.

The addition of the Stabilitas platform rounds out the full end-to-end solution provided by G4S’ recently launched ROC, which debuted in 2019 at the G4S Americas Headquarters facility in Jupiter, Fla.