The Tampa, Fla. Metropolitan Area YMCA is in the midst of a multi-phase security system project that includes video surveillance, fire and intrusion upgrades, and a takeover of existing and new cameras by 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL video management system. The project is being implemented by Redwire, a security integrator with more than 40 years of experience with clients across Florida, South Georgia and Southern Alabama.

When Nate Valentin, vice president of information technology, joined the Tampa YMCA in September 2019, he was immediately presented with an opportunity. “We had received a generous donation to be used for cameras, and I was tasked with interviewing vendors and evaluating platforms to determine how best to leverage this donation.” Valentin and his team devised plans to go well beyond standard video surveillance.

Prior to this upgrade, the Tampa YMCA had cameras from another manufacturer at three locations. Phase I of the project was to install approximately 150 3xLOGIC cameras at the remaining locations — the smaller buildings received 4-camera packages, most locations have 16, and the largest facilities have 20 to 25 cameras. Valentin commented, “If there’s any silver lining to the current pandemic, Redwire’s excellent work enabled us to get all the camera systems installed while we were closed down and before we opened summer camps.”YMCA implements video surveillance for more than security

The 3xLOGIC cameras cover parking lots, pools, any childcare areas, workout centers, front desks and basketball courts. Phase II of the project will see fire and intrusion systems upgraded and monitored by RedWire. “Remote access to the camera systems via 3xLOGIC’s View Lite II Mobile App will help us mitigate false alarms.” Phase III of the project will see all cameras — new and previously installed — taken over by 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL VMS. “We want everything under one platform and standardized across the organization,” Valentin said.

During the planning and installation, Valentin began to see possibilities for his system that went beyond monitoring parking lots and protecting the YMCA from false claims. “Video is a great tool and it gives us the information we need to make good, informed decisions. We also saw video and our overall security system as a way to enhance our member’s experience and to increase member engagement.”

The Tampa YMCA plans to establish a call center to accomplish these important goals of enhancing member engagement and satisfaction. Call center staff will have access to live video feeds of key areas across all YMCA locations so members can call in to ask, for example, if a basketball court is free or how many swim lanes are open and any number of other questions they have about the facilities. “Not only will we be able to give our members up-to-the-minute, accurate information about the status of facilities, this will also take some of the load off front desk staff so they can better serve the person standing in front of them,” Valentin explained.

Redwire will perform fire and intrusion monitoring and they are also the managed services provider for all the cameras.