The Monitoring Association (TMA) released the results of its latest Wage & Comp Survey — the purpose of which is to provide monitoring and security services companies with salary and benefits information to guide hiring and compensation decisions. The survey was created in partnership with TRG Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in the security alarm industry.

Participation in the survey was open to all security monitoring companies. Company specific information is not published to ensure confidentiality. The survey collected wage and benefits information from the year 2018 for the following areas: 

  • Demographic Data
  • Types of Monitoring and Installations
  • Monitoring Center
  • Executive & Operational Management 
  • Dealer/Installer
  • Customer Support 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT & Telecom Services 
  • Benefits Packages 

“This, our latest Wage & Comp Survey, demonstrates our commitment first and foremost to the success of our members, and secondarily to the industry in which we come together, collaborate and yes, compete,” said Don Young, TMA president. “This survey is an excellent reference tool for any company in this space that seeks to better understand the current landscape for talent acquisition and compensation.”

One key finding was that the average compensation for monitoring center managers in 2018 was $82,000. 

The Wage & Comp Survey is now available for sale on TMA’s website. The purchase price is $400 for TMA members and $500 for non-members. Discounts are available for companies that participated in the survey, and those participants will be contacted individually.