Dynamark Monitoring Inc. launched Instant Connect. Dynamark’s new technology is an intuitive and user-friendly way for customers to interact with their alarm. Instant Connect modernizes the alarm handling experience by reducing false alarms, increasing customer engagement and lowering customer attrition.

One advantage with Instant Connect is that there is no additional monthly fee to Dynamark’s dealers for this service. Instant Connect also allows customers to seek emergency assistance with the push of a button in an emergency situation. With features like customized branding, ease of use, and no app required, this technology has become a huge hit with many of the dealers across the country. Rich Cowan, one of Dynamark’s regional vice presidents, remarked, “My dealers have told me that faster notifications will be a huge advantage for them to give their customers a better end-user experience.”

Instant Connect allows customers to group chat with their entire contact list, cancel or verify alarms, and even request service, all without the need to download an app. The company understands the smart phone has become embedded into everyone’s lifestyle, and texting is the primary communication preference of consumers. Recent statistics show that customers spend an average of three hours per day on their phones, and yet incoming calls are rejected at an alarming 71 percent rate.

In R&D for 18 months, the product was launched for initial testing in early 2020 with positive results. “This technology is a dramatic leap forward in the way we do business. In my 20 years in the industry I have never had a product receive the number of positive reviews as Instant Connect” according to Antonio Chavez of Level 2 Security and Automation. “Moving forward I just do not think dealers can be competitive in the marketplace any longer without technology like this. It is literally like moving from a horse and buggy to the automobile.”

Visit https://chat.dynamarkmonitoring.com/dealer for more information.