Things have changed for everyone since March when the pandemic caused many closures in businesses, government offices, schools, churches and other public locations. As my primary business is providing hands-on training classes in fiber optics and IP networking, COVID-19 has caused my 2020 schedule to be wiped clean. It is unclear if or when I will be able to plan for training classes for this year, and who knows what will happen in 2021?  

So, I’ve got substantial time on my hands. As money is tight, and travel limited, I’m in a forced vacation with potentially little to do and nowhere to go. One of the things that has intrigued me in the past is the ability of TV bad guys and detectives to “pick” locks quickly. I know that television shows make many things look easy, but I have always wanted to know how it is done. So, several months ago I purchased a
“Secure Pro” lockpicking set from for a few dollars. With spare time available, I cracked into the box to see what’s included.

The lockpicking set includes a short instruction manual which isn’t particularly helpful, a handful of lock picks and tension tools, and a keyed padlock with a clear plastic body so the mysteries of how standard locks operate are readily seen. After a frustrating half hour or so I finally got the hang of it and could quickly pop the clear plastic lock. I then graduated to a few padlocks laying around my house and found that standard locks are quite simple to pick with a bit of practice.

Many people rely on standard locks to secure their doors, tool cases and valuables. What my experience with the lockpicking set demonstrated is the ease of opening many of the keyed locks that our customers are depending on to protect their buildings and goods.

Your clients should be made aware that their standard keyed locks provide little protection against a learned criminal who’s got $15 to buy a lockpicking kit.  Real physical security includes perimeter door and interior motion detection, and doesn’t depend on door locks for repelling burglars.  

If you can quickly demonstrate how easy it is to pick a keyed lock, your potential clients should see that they need additional “protection in depth.”  Just make sure you practice enough to become proficient in the dark art of lockpicking.