Telaeris’ HealthCheck enhancement to XPressEntry makes it easy for security and safety professionals to capture and securely store current health status information of personnel and visitors, and deny access, if necessary, from compatible XPressEntry handheld badge readers before entry into any workplace. The feature allows admins to create a custom set of health status survey questions required for their specific needs. Different sets of questions can be deployed to different compatible XPressEntry handhelds at different entry points for added flexibility. When personnel and visitors need to enter their jobsite, safety and security professionals begin by scanning their badge and verifying their identity with a compatible XPressEntry handheld device first. Then security and safety professionals are presented with the custom health status survey questions designated for the secure entry point right on the device. In addition, HealthCheck can capture health-related data directly from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as forehead temperature sensors or finger VO2 meters. Responses and/or data captured from personnel and visitors can allow or deny access and are recorded directly into XPressEntry and securely stored on the XPressEntry database.

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