The Brivo Facility Safety features are included automatically in Brivo Onair, Brivo Visitor and Brivo Mobile Pass. The features are designed to support the management of COVID-19 safety protocols for facilities already using the Brivo suite of products. They offer four solutions for businesses looking to protect everyone in their buildings and improve access control. The solution’s contact reporting generates targeted reports listing specific user access events and potential contacts to seamlessly create contact tracing lists. Personnel control suspends user access automatically until they go through a screening checkpoint, controlling traffic flow and reducing close contact. Visitor reporting screens all visitors for COVID symptoms and notifies hosts when a visitor may pose a risk. Mobile self-screening uses Brivo Mobile Pass to identify users with COVID symptoms before they enter a site, reducing the possibility of viral spread. Current Brivo customers can turn on many of these features from their existing Brivo Onair account. 

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