New research from Parks Associates finds 38 percent of smart home device owners find a service that installs smart home devices on their behalf highly appealing. The report, “Connected Home Services: Updating Modern Lifestyles” identifies unique strategies device manufacturers are using to drive recurring revenues by maximizing the value of smart home devices for consumers.

“As the market for smart home devices expands to the early majority, an opportunity is emerging to provide premium support services to smart home device owners,” said Patrice Samuels, senior analyst at Parks Associates. “Major consumer technology brands, most notably Best Buy and Verizon, have adjusted their premium support subscription offerings to accommodate this market, and other types of companies, including Amazon Home Services, HelloTech and Puls, have entered the space or have expanded their support services to accommodate smart home devices.”

While companies like Best Buy offer a comprehensive suite of technical support services for smart home devices, including pre-purchase consultations, setup and installation, and ongoing support, most brands have focused on setup and installation services.

“Since smart home devices are still new to many consumers, consultation services are highly valued, making these features solid competitive differentiators when added to setup and installation services,” Samuels said.

The research findings also showed that 12 percent of U.S. broadband households report high interest in a service that allows carriers to deliver packages inside their home or garage when they are not home and 36 percent of smart home device owners find a service that teaches them how to use smart home devices highly appealing.

“Connected Home Services: Updating Modern Lifestyles” outlines new services including support, delivery, replenishment, and asset-sharing services enabled by connected devices in the home. It also highlights factors driving the development of these services and examines business models and strategies.