SAFR from RealNetworks Inc., a facial recognition platform for live video, has signed a reseller agreement with NTT Docomo, Japan's largest mobile carrier, to offer SAFR’s AI-based facial recognition software. Both companies have previously worked together to implement access control and security solutions for a large facility, a hospital and a robot. With the power of NTT Docomo’s 5G infrastructure and SAFR facial recognition, the companies plan to accelerate further enterprise security and access control deployments based on the new agreement. 

SAFR’s efficient design yields high speed results, enabling more simultaneous face detections over low-latency 5G networks. SAFR’s small footprint also enables it to be installed on less costly edge compute platforms used for a variety of solutions including access control, watchlist-based surveillance, business intelligence and demographic analysis. Age, gender and sentiment analysis can provide real-time metrics to organizations without storing any personal identifiable information. The solution can be deployed as part of a multi-factor authentication solution as well as facilitate online payment processing and similar use cases.

“We are happy to have this new reseller agreement with RealNetworks,” said Hisakazu Tsuboya, senior vice president of NTT Docomo. “It will provide new options for our customers by offering accurate, high speed AI facial recognition capabilities in concert with our existing products to solve complex challenges for access control and surveillance while providing actionable business intelligence.”

SAFR’s computer vision code is among the smallest and most efficient offerings in the facial recognition marketplace, making it easy to deploy in edge devices. SAFR’s latest version (v 3.5) supports liveness detection to prevent fraudulent access via photos and videos that might allow access on less secure systems. 

“SAFR is very pleased to announce this reseller agreement with the largest mobile service company in Japan, NTT Docomo,” said Noriaki Takamura, vice president, APAC, SAFR. “This agreement will accelerate the security and access control digital transformation for enterprise customers utilizing Docomo’s high speed, low-latency 5G network with a low bias, proven, AI computer vision platform.”

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