SAFR from RealNetworks Inc. today announced a global partnership with German tech company G2K Group GmbH to revolutionize real-time video analytics. SAFR features including face recognition, mask detection, person detection and demographic analysis have been integrated into Parsifal — a robust AI platform providing actionable video analytics for verticals such as retail, transportation, smart cities and sports and entertainment. SAFR’s mask detection and Parsifal’s contactless body temperature scan were key features that won G2K a contract from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to provide entry screening for spectators attending the Super Cup Final 2020.

“SAFR from RealNetworks’ partnership with G2K Group is characterized by the innovation, quality and professionalism of both companies,” said Jose Larrucea, SVP EMEA & LATAM, RealNetworks. “SAFR’s computer vision features add critical data to the Parsifal platform enhancing the overall video analytics offering and unlocking new customer use cases such as mask detection.”

SAFR’s high performance on live video makes it a natural fit for integration into Parsifal, which relies on actionable real-time insights to improve general surveillance, behavioral predictions, access control and response to COVID-19 health and safety measures.

The first major deployment of Parsifal featuring SAFR was in September at the UEFA Super Cup Final 2020 in Budapest, where a partial return of fans was tested under guidelines by the Hungarian Public Health Authorities. The SAFR-enabled Parsifal platform allowed more than 15,000 spectators to return to the stadium under the required health and safety conditions. 

Parsifal was deployed on cameras at each entry, performing rapid, automated fever scanning and mask detection while alerting attendants of any anomalies. According to Andreas Schaer, chief of venue operations for UEFA, the automated screening technology deployed by G2K helped UEFA and the Hungarian Football Federation deliver a safe and secure major football event with public attendance for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

“The cooperation with SAFR has reached its next stage with the very successful project with UEFA for the Super Cup Final 2020,” said Georg Rennenkampff, G2K vice president of partnership management. “The use of SAFR's highly accurate mask detection algorithm strengthened the overall Parsifal solution, making it better able to serve customers dealing with the realities of a global pandemic. G2K is looking forward to many more projects and further strengthening its prosperous partnership with SAFR.”

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