PSA, the world’s largest consortium of professional systems integrators, today announced the addition of IP Technology Labs, an American manufacturer of secure endpoint IoT connectivity and remote access solutions, to its network of partners.

“IP Technology Labs’ endpoint security and remote access makes network communications easy,” said Tim Brooks, vice president of sales and vendor management for PSA. “Their reliable and cost-effective technology ensures customer projects and integrator operations flow smoothly. We are pleased to add IP Technology Labs to our lineup of products.”

IP Technology Labs designs easy-to-deploy appliances that deliver verifiable end-to-end secure connectivity over any internet access without P2P while providing endpoint network access control and multi-factor protection.

“Securing the security isn’t just for IT anymore, and the PSA Network is leading the cyber convergence,” said Scott Whittle, president of IP Technology Labs. “We are thrilled to serve the PSA Network to enable its members to take advantage of the industry-wide digital transformation. We are focused on providing the best sales support along with our patented technologies to create additional revenue streams and increased value for their customers.”

Traditionally, network security and connectivity were left to the IT department. The physical security industry is now being driven to expand its capabilities. All security devices, such as surveillance, access control and intrusion detection, are on the network. Security integrators are seeing new market growth opportunities to secure the devices on the network while supporting their customer’s IT departments.

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