When Wade Brewer and Kyle Howell first founded VENSEARCH in January, they had no idea how relevant their service platform would become.

“This is a door that God opened up,” said Brewer. “In January, nobody knew what was coming, but this is the right platform at the right time, and it solves a lot of industry challenges.”

Since May, VENSEARCH has been offering two services for security professionals and hiring managers: VenMarket and VenBoard. VenMarket is a business directory and partner locator designed for the technology, construction and security industries. VenBoard is a job board where construction and security professionals can find careers, and hiring managers can post openings. 

VenProject, the new platform which was announced on Oct. 20, is a project board designed to help vendors, consulting firms and subcontractors grow their businesses. In the platform, security systems integrators can complete compliance forms and questionnaires and securely share credentials with prospecting or existing customers; also post projects, find projects, manage subcontractors and track document expiration dates. Vendors can even receive credentialed reviews from VENSEARCH staff to share with prospective customers. 

“Being from the industry, I really got to see the pain points, and this is where our whole concept came from,” Howell said. “There’s no project board out there like this that the systems integrator or end user can use.”

Howell and Brewer explain that while a simple Google search rarely yields results for those looking for security projects, vendors or subcontractors, the specialization of VENSEARCH helps users find exactly what they’re looking for. Integrators can even tag which manufacturers they are affiliated with to yield more project requests. 

The option for integrators to create a profile on the site also helps them stay more organized, as it keeps all of their important documentation and credentials in one easy-to-find location.

“We’re from the industry, and have experience on both sides of the aisle, so we understand the pain points, the challenges, and the need for more organized data,” Brewer said. “We understand a lot of integrators out there don’t always have the necessary software all the time to organize their business and put their best foot forward when it comes to a prospective client. We know there isn’t a place where an integrator can post asking for a subcontractor, and the next moment be able to check their credentials. It’s really about risk management, and it’s really going to be the best place to showcase your business.” 

Learn more at www.vensearch.com.