Sonitrol relies heavily on the proprietary audio technology it was founded on for verification, along with other technologies including video, cloud and more. So when it became apparent it was time for an upgrade to their monitoring center in 2018, Marcos Reyes took all this into account and fine-tuned the central station to maximize collaboration between all of these technologies as well as the customers and police departments they serve.

The full remodel in March 2018 included structural improvements, a prescient state-of-the-art air purification system in the HVAC unit and the latest technologies.

Part of the reason for the upgrade was simply aesthetics, Reyes says. “It helps employees feel better about coming to work and affects morale,” he says. “We made the decision to renovate and upgrade the equipment, which was a win-win situation. Now people are proud coming to work. They are proud about the product we have to offer.”

With the latest automation and video platforms from 3xLOGIC giving them real-time video footage and the audio verification they are known for, the upgrade also helped Kimberlite provide more automation and video verification.

Unlike many monitoring centers where the operators wear headsets, at Sonitrol the operators have to have one ear uncovered to hear the audio from the specialized speakers. “We are not a conventional alarm company,” Reyes explains. “Our particular brand is best monitored in an open area.”

To improve the listening aspect they redesigned the room, Reyes says. “A lot of what we do is listen to real-time audio, so we made sure the room was designed with sound boards so the noise doesn’t echo off the walls. The consoles are sound-proofed and six feet tall. My idea was to make it so they could function better and listen better and help boost our productivity.”

While COVID-19 was nowhere on the radar at the time, Reyes included the air purification to help with allergies and other airborne illnesses. “We work in an enclosed room with no windows,” he says. Now with coronavirus almost certainly spread through the air and increasing evidence that airflow and purification can help mitigate spread, this decision may turn out to be a lifesaver. “Since being installed we have had fewer people out sick than before,” he says. “I’m glad now that I made that decision back then, especially during these uncertain times.”