No. 102 – Fire Protection Inc.

Fire Protection Inc. of Seattle, Wash., was founded in 1998. It is a fully UL certified fire and security alarm company serving Washington and Oregon.

“Our customers appreciate the fact that they are able to receive all services needed from us which allows them just one vendor to keep track of,” says Ron Cats, president and owner. “We do all inspections needed, such as backflow, sprinkler, extinguishers, and fire alarms.”

Cats is NICET 4 certified and an NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS). He is highly regarded by all fire marshals and inspectors that have come to know him, according to the company.

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No. 104 – Guard-O-Matic

Guard-O-Matic of Tempe, Ariz., was founded in 1970 but has been under new ownership since it was purchased by Elizabeth Smith in May 2000. Guard-O-Matic is a low-voltage contractor, which, for the past five years, has been primarily involved in systems for the new home construction market – both production and custom homes – in the greater Phoenix area. With stronger consumer awareness placed on the value of structured wiring and home integration, Guard-O-Matic has been able to capitalize on its expertise in structured wiring, while remaining focused on consumer security needs as well. This has increased both the revenue per job and recurring revenue considerably, the company states. Guard-O-Matic has always offered a full range of low-voltage products, including but not limited to security, structured wiring, sound systems, central vacuum, intercom, and CCTV.

“We have always had a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction; after all, if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will,” says Carl W. Hurrle, president.

SDM: What is the most effective measure your company has taken recently to help boost profits?

Guard-O-Matic: Guard-O-Matic has focused hard on increasing productivity both in the office and in our production department with additional training and teamwork.

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No. 107 – SVI Systems Inc.

Founded in 1979, SVI Systems Inc. is located in Stuart, on Florida’s east coast, 40 miles north of West Palm Beach. The company services Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and west to Okeechobee and Highlands Counties. SVI Systems entered the high-end residential, commercial and institutional market as a result of obtaining a Silent Knight/ Regency dealership in 1990. It has been integrating intrusion and fire detection, access control and automation ever since.

SVI Systems originally obtained its U.L. Central Station certificate in 1986 and moved to its current location in 1993. The firm obtained a Notifier distributorship with an acquisition in 2002. “The Notifier product line allows us to compete for engineered fire alarm work and gives us the opportunity to offer access control, intrusion detection, CCTV and central station service,” states SVI Systems.

SDM: Do you believe the public’s memory of Sept. 11 still has an impact on sales in the alarm industry?

SVI Systems: We have noticed a sharp increase from the public sector for access control and CCTV systems for administration buildings, but especially for water treatment facilities.

No. 109 – Secure US Inc.

Founded in 1993, Secure US is West Virginia’s premiere residential and commercial security and fire alarm company, according to the firm. With its 16,000 square foot corporate office, located in Morgantown, W.V. and regional locations in Charleston, W.V., St. Clairsville, Ohio and Uniontown, Pa., Secure US serve clients throughout West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and western Maryland.

Secure US offers cost-efficient security systems designed to accommodate small businesses as well as large manufacturing plants. With more than 100 years combined experience and its own UL listed central monitoring center, Secure US is committed to offering families and businesses the most modern security technology available in the market today, the company states.

No. 113 – Sonitrol Mid-Atlantic

Sonitrol Mid-Atlantic has been providing services to the Delaware Valley since 1986. It is a full-service organization offering a broad range of security systems to many of the leading commercial, medical, educational, and governmental organizations in the Philadelphia area. The company’s principal product offerings are:

• An audio-based intrusion verification system which has resulted in the lowest false alarm rate of any security company in the Delaware Valley, according to the company.

• A complete range of fire detection systems.

• A versatile access control system that is controlled by the company’s central station 24/7 for the customer.

• CCTV systems.

“Our favorite new product is, which will enable our customers to manage their account on the internet 24/7,” says Bob Hall, president.

Crime Prevention Security Systems’ management team includes (back row, left to right): Debra Davis, Terry Huston, Lisa Buell, Craig Hollingsworth; and (front row) Randi Elrad, John A. Pastore, Jr., and Jorgia McAfee.

No. 108 – Crime Prevention Security Systems Inc.

Crime Prevention Security Systems Inc. – founded in 1975 by President John A. Pastore, Jr. – is north-central Florida’s premier low-voltage integrator with its own central monitoring station, states the company. In the residential market, Crime Prevention’s consultants work closely with their clientele to integrate security, fire detection, structured wiring, surround-sound home theater, central vacuum, intercom, and video surveillance.

Crime Prevention services a diverse commercial market, which includes area apartment complexes, retail stores, warehouses, and several school systems and area universities in north-central Florida. Commercial security solutions offered include security systems, fire systems, access control, video surveillance, and remote video monitoring.

SDM: Do you believe that police non-response to alarms is inevitable?

Crime Prevention Security Systems: The integrity of both alarm companies and law enforcement is at stake with the issue of police non-response to alarms. In Florida, the alarm association is working closely with law enforcement agencies statewide to help reduce false alarms. Alachua County, which is Crime Prevention’s primary market, established a false alarm ordinance, and our yearly activations are approximately 65 percent below what they were before the ordinance took effect. I believe that if alarm dealers, manufacturers, and law enforcement work together and take a proactive stance against false alarms, then police non-response to alarms will never come to fruition.

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No. 112 – Alarm Engineering Inc.

Alarm Engineering Inc., founded in 1985, is the largest locally owned security company on the Delmarva Peninsula, according to the firm. It serves clients in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia with residential, commercial, institutional/industrial burglar and fire alarms, card access, and video surveillance systems.

No. 111 – Global Fire & Safety

Global Fire & Safety (GFS) is an experienced systems integrator with dominant experience in the low voltage specialty arena, serving all of Colorado and Wyoming, according to the company, which was founded by Jerry M. Chatel, president and CEO, in 1988.

GFS is an engineered systems distributor for Notifier, Gamewell, Bosch and Galaxy equipment manufacturers. With NICET certified individuals on staff, the company provides a full range of services from equipment and design to monitoring, maintenance and consulting. The company’s largest client segment consists of government, industrial, hospitals, large commercial and multi-family projects.

“In light of the recent security and safety concerns expressed by our clients, we are always expanding our already deep expertise in CCTV and access control areas,” Chatel notes. “Our heightened involvement is highlighted by the many large and impressive customers to whom we provide these essential services. We believe that integration of systems, customer satisfaction, dedicated employees and the expansive knowledge base of our employees is what will continue to make Global Fire & Safety excel in the years to come.”

SDM: Which technologies or market segments do you expect will produce the best growth for your company during the next two years?

Global Fire & Safety: We believe the market segments that will produce the best growth for GFS will be schools, hospitals, and government. This will be due to the ever increasing needs to provide a safe and secure environment for public gatherings or wherever large groups of people come together.

No. 114 – East Coast Security Services Inc.

East Coast Security Services of Salem, N.H., was established in 1990. In addition to security and fire protection systems and services, ECSS also provides access, CCTV and digital recording, paging and intercom, data and voice cabling, home theater, temperature monitoring systems, and central vacuum systems, among other products.

“We at East Coast Security Services pride ourselves on ‘customer driven design’ by listening to each customer’s individual needs and creating a solution to best fit their needs. The equipment we use will always be top quality and built to grow with the future,” according to Mark L. Dufour Sr., president. “Our service and installation technicians are the finest in the field. What really defines what you pay for is the service, commitment and a pleasurable staff to deal with. We stand behind our products and labor and guarantee both 100 percent.”

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No. 118 – American Alarms Inc.

American Alarms Inc., Miami, Fla., was founded in 1989 by Holly Sawicki. During her previous position as vice president of a large electronic systems installation company in the southeastern United States, Sawicki oversaw major system installations. As president of American Alarms, she oversaw installations at Palm Beach International Airport; Tallahassee Regional Airport; The Museum of Science and Discovery in Ft. Lauderdale; Tower 600 Condo in North Miami Beach; and Florida International University.

American Alarms started as a small alarm company with just three employees. It has grown in south Florida to specialize in the design and installation of all types of integrated security systems. American Alarms provides alarm monitoring services and designs, sells, leases, installs, and services electronic security systems for commercial and mid- to high-end residential customers, as well as for large, multi-site national accounts.

“We pride ourselves in our professional installations, industry knowledge and above all, the quick response of our committed staff to the needs of our clients,” Sawicki says. “Through today’s conglomerate mergers and acquisitions in the security industry, it is the customers who have been forgotten and neglected. AAI has always believed in the tradition of putting our customers’ needs first. No matter how much our world changes, we will always give our customers the thoughtful, unhurried attention that they require.”

No. 116 – Bonds Alarm Co. Inc.

Bonds Alarm was founded in 1957 and is owned by Dr. G. Thomas Eggebrecht, who holds a doctorate in Public Administration. Eggebrecht has run several very large financial organizations, including the seventh largest mortgage banker in the United States, along with the largest issuer of collateralized mortgage obligations in the country. Eggebrecht also has served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of Grand Canyon University, according to Bonds Alarm.

Bonds Alarm basically serves the metropolitan Phoenix area with some 90 percent of customers being very geographically dispersed throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area; 60 percent of the customer base being residential and the balance being commercial, the firm states. Most commercial is high end, such as jewelry stores, museums, manufacturing plants and schools.

“Customer service is our motto,” Eggebrecht states. “Service is provided 24/7 at one constant rate; no additional charges are made for after hours service calls. Over 50 percent of our service calls are completed within four hours of a call; an additional 45 percent completed within the next four hours and the balance the next day. Service is the name of the game – the ‘only’ name of the game.”

Bonds Alarm stresses that all of its technicians and sales personnel are employees of the company, and that no subcontractors are used.

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No. 119 – Atkins Alarm Systems Inc.

Atkins Alarm Systems Inc., Woodstock, Ga., will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in August. The company serves more than 10,000 customers across Georgia. It offers a variety of low-voltage services for residential and commercial applications. Atkins Alarm Systems’ areas of expertise include security systems, fire systems, closed-circuit camera systems, telephone systems, structured cabling, access control and home automation.

“As a family-run establishment, we understand the importance of personalized service,” says Randy Atkins, president. “At Atkins, we strive to provide superior quality, outstanding customer service and offer a vast, reliable product line. We are dedicated in fulfilling a long-term commitment to our valued customers.”

SDM: Who, in the security industry, has taught you the most?

Atkins: I received my education from the Control Data Institute. I learned a tremendous amount from attending trade shows, where I learned about the products and distributors available to my company.

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No. 121 – AAFP Systems Inc.

AAFP Systems Inc. of Longwood, Fla., was founded in 1998 and covers the commercial and industrial segments of the market. Product offerings include design and installation of fire alarm, access control, and CCTV systems. The company completes installations throughout Florida, with its primary service area being central Florida, including the Melbourne, Orlando, and Tampa areas. Customers include educational facilities, hospitals, government (homeland security and post offices), churches, offices, and retail. AAFP Systems has an internal CAD and Design department with two electrical engineers on staff.

AAFP Systems are ESD Fire Alarm distributors for Hochiki America Corp., Silent Knight (Fahrenhydt), and TYCO (Secutron). The company is also a General Electric Security Pro authorized dealer and Certified Bosch security dealer. The company is UL listed, S-8518-1 UUFX for Central Station Fire Alarm Service with NICET certified fire alarm technicians.

“We work hard at building relationships with employees, suppliers, architects, engineers, security consultants, general contractors, electrical contractors and our customers,” says president Ken Hoffmann. “This factor is key in establishing ourselves in the marketplace. Treat all with dignity and respect. Answer phone calls timely. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and go the extra mile to deliver a solution that meets a customer’s specific need. These established relationships have provided the fuel to support our growth.”

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No. 120 – CRS Building Automation Systems

CRS Building Automation Systems Inc., established in 1988, is located in Charlotte, N.C., and serves the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. The company plans to open an office in Columbia, S.C., this year. CRS provides sales, installation, and support for AMAG (access control), FCI and Notifier (fire alarm systems), and Bosch (CCTV and security systems). The company offers remote monitoring through NACC, a UL listed and FM approved central station service. CRS primarily serves Class A commercial building properties, colleges, institutional, and governmental facilities.

According to CRS, the company’s capabilities are best described by one of its clients: “CRS is an interesting dynamic of a small firm service attitude, interested in their customers’ success, while maintaining the professional abilities of a large national firm, to get a complex project completed in a timely and quality manner.”

SDM: What is the most critical issue facing the security industry today, and what do you believe needs to be done about it?

CRS: As Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his 1933 inaugural address, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Today, fear remains omnipresent in our not knowing what will be the next threat to our personal security. As we make “remedies” for known threats, we cannot do the same for those that remain unknown. Therefore, the greatest concern of the security industry is that we cannot predict where the next vulnerability will appear in our security infrastructure. I believe that security professionals should make every effort to safeguard their existing customers while exploring as many new technologies that may prove to be useful in the not-so-distant future, says Darryl Roy, vice president (and co-owner) of CRS.

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No. 122 – DMC Security

DMC Security, founded in 1970, serves the greater Chicagoland to central Illinois and northern Indiana areas. The company’s client base covers retail and industrial commercial accounts, as well as medium- to high-end residential. DMC Security sells, installs and services burglar and fire alarm systems, as well as integrated and stand-alone access control and closed circuit TV systems. The company’s UL-listed central station monitors all its own accounts, as well as accounts for a select group of dealers.

“We strive for a more personal as well as professional approach when it comes to providing service to our customers,” says Chester Donati, president. “A key to our success is, we know our customers by name and not just an account number. Our staff personally answers all calls into our Central Station.”

SDM: What is the most critical issue facing the security industry today, and what do you believe needs to be done about it?

DMC Security: The growing false alarm issue. We, as the industry experts need to come together with more cooperation between ourselves, education of our customers and local authorities. No-response can be very detrimental to everyone. Get involved. Join and support our industry associations.

No. 123 – Able Security Systems Inc.

Able Security Systems Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., is a Honeywell First Alert Professional Dealer, serving clients in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. It was founded in 1973 as a custom residential company, and by the mid-1980s Able had shifted its focus to the commercial sector. Today the company installs security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, and access control systems for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. A small but significant portion of the company still provides custom-designed residential security systems for discriminating clients.

Among the factors in Able’s success, according to the company, are its high emphasis on customer service (customer retention rate is greater than 96 percent); its 30-plus years of experience in the market; and Able’s image as a community crime-fighter with its close affiliations with local police departments and TV.

SDM: What new technologies or services is your company considering selling to customers?

Able Security Systems: Able’s most exciting new venture is its connection with local law enforcement agencies and its local Fox6 TV station, through Able’s sponsorship of the new CitizenObserver Crime Alert Program (for more info, go to and click on CitizenObserver). Able has paid to supply this Internet-based crime-fighting tool to police and sheriff’s departments in its market. One of the features CitizenObserver gives to police is the ability to instantly contact local businesses and citizens with crime alerts by email, fax, or pager. This service has already resulted in the apprehension of many persons on police “Most Wanted” lists. In return, Able is shown as the sponsor on every crime alert sent out by the police.

The local Fox TV station, Fox6, has joined with Able in promoting the CitizenObserver Crime Alert program in Able’s marketing area, says Able Security Systems.

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