Present-to-Open, is a new touchless way for ProdataKey (PDK) io users to interact with their system’s Touch io Bluetooth readers. With Present-to-Open, users hold their smartphone within proximity of the reader to initiate immediate authentication of their credentials, eliminating any delay in unlocking the door or need to touch the reader. The phone may remain locked as long as the touch app and mobile credentials have been installed on the user’s device. Individual or group permissions define when and on which doors this feature will work for each employee or tenant, as set by the system administrator. The Present-to-Open functionality can be added to any existing Touch io Bluetooth reader through a simple firmware update performed by a PDK-certified systems integrator. Update tools are available within the configuration section of the PDK io app. A thorough explanation of the update process may be found on PDK’s online knowledgebase. In addition to Present-to-Open, Touch io Bluetooth readers respond to users who wave their hand in front of the device. Users may also remotely unlock doors by pushing a button within the touch app — a touchless option that utilizes Wi-Fi and does not require Bluetooth readers.

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