Calipsa, a provider of deep learning-powered video analytics for false alarm reduction, announced that its False Alarm Filtering Platform is being used by Ecuador's Totem. This is the first Latin American customer to take advantage of Calipsa's 93 percent false alarm reduction rate, according to the company. 

Totem specializes in the engineering, construction and integration of electronic security systems for companies and homes through two business units: Managed Electronic Security and Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems, with over 15 years' experience delivering security projects at both a national and international level. Its surveillance division monitors thousands of cameras across a vast range of industries.

Calipsa's cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform uses deep learning technology to recognize whether an alarm has been caused by human or vehicle movement. Calipsa's technology filters out alarms caused by nuisance factors such as lighting, weather or foliage, enabling customers to focus on genuine threats.

Luis Fernando Uribe, chief executive officer, Totem, said he looks for products that improve operational efficiency, enabling his employees to provide enhanced service offerings to Totem's customers.

“A big goal in our business is reducing the number of false alarms sent to our operators,” Uribe said. “The Calipsa technology will do that and help us thrive in the competitive Latin America technological market. We want Totem seen as a regional benchmark for innovation in video monitoring.”

Brian Baker, chief revenue officer for Calipsa, said working with Totem is a proud moment.

“Totem, our first Latin American customer, is an ambitious and innovative company,” Baker said. “We look forward to developing a strong partnership with Totem and helping it achieve its false alarm reduction goals.”