Automating medium or heavy-duty swing doors for touch-free access applications is easy with dormakaba’s new ED50LE and ED100LE low energy swing door operators. These swing door operators can automate new or existing manual swing doors with a push plate, wave plate, or other knowing act actuator device and are quiet and subtle. A multitude of adjustable features offers flexibility to fine tune the operator to meet opening requirements. The ED100LE is tested beyond traditional standards, using a larger door with greater weight and testing to over one million cycles, with continued testing beyond that benchmark. This product is ideal for interior or exterior use in medium to heavy duty (600 lbs. door) settings such as hospitals, classrooms, care facilities, hotels, office entrances, restaurants, and at commercial and academic institutions. The ED100LE boasts a small footprint, up to 65 percent smaller than similar operators. It is ADA compliant and meets the stringent requirements of ANSI 117.1 and ANSI A156.19.

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