Computer vision intelligence company announced an integration with Brivo, provider of cloud-based access control and smart building technologies. Brivo Access will now deliver automated intelligence powered by to visually verify physical access control system (PACs) alerts to reduce false alarms, accelerate threat response, and free up security resources to focus on legitimate security threats. The partnership allows organizations to further streamline security operations, ultimately saving time and lives.

Access control management has become a top priority for enterprise physical security teams as organizations grapple with an increase in workplace violence incidents. The average enterprise experiences millions of PACs alarms every year, many of which do not require human intervention. In addition, PACs are unable to detect early warning threat indicators that occur without a hardware read, such as loitering or tailgating.

“Brivo Access has led the security industry in access control and access management solutions, equipping their customers with critical information about access points,” said Shikhar Shrestha, CEO and co-founder of “Our integration with Brivo allows the platform to automatically connect with access readers to correlate PACs events with surveillance video feeds analyzed by computer vision intelligence. The result is a rich contextual understanding of surveillance events that enables accurate, automated alert dispositioning and the capture of access threat signatures not typically available through PACs alone.” applies computer vision intelligence to existing camera infrastructure, delivering near human-level visual perception with a context-aware understanding of threat signatures that require human intervention to prevent a serious security incident. When combined with Brivo Access, is able to extract additional context from camera video footage and automatically fill in the details surrounding a hardware event with computer-automated analysis. also alerts customers to additional threat signatures identified through computer vision analysis, but may not trigger a hardware event and impact access security.

“Access control is a critical component of the smart buildings operations technology stack,'' said Steve Van Till, founder and CEO of Brivo. “Combining our cloud-based system with’s contextual understanding of video footage will better enable our customers to improve safety operations and focus on the high-priority events that require human intervention.”

Customers utilizing the joint solution report dramatic improvements to their threat detection and response, as well as a significant reduction in false alarm volume. Since implementing together with Brivo Access, NorCal Cannabis, one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis operators in California, has experienced an 88 percent reduction in the volume of invalid badge read alerts. With the automated visual verification of PACs alarms delivered by, enterprise organizations can free their security teams from mundane tasks and enable personnel to focus on incident response.

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