Can Your Fire Alarm System Survive?

All Answers relate to NFPA 101, 2018 Edition

1. The current edition of the International Fire Code is ________.
A. 2019
B. 2020
C. 2021
D. 2022
2. According to the IFC combustible fibers in quantities exceeding 100 cubic feet but less than 500 cubic feet shall be stored ____________.
A. in rooms with 1-hour fire barriers
B. in metal or metal-lined bins equipped with a self=closing cover
C. in rooms with 2-hour fire barriers
D. in a detached structure with openings protected against entrance or sparks.
Annex F
3. The requirements for “Fire Alarm and Detection Systems” can be found in ________.
A. Chapter 9 Section 906
B. Chapter 72
C. Chapter 9 Section 907
D. Article 800
4. Extinguishers weighing 40 pounds or less shall be installed so that their tops are not more than ________ feet above the floor
A. 3
B. 3.5
C. 5
D. 6
5. According to the IFC, manual fire alarm boxes are _____________
A. allowed to be any color under certain circumstances
B. allowed to be painted to match décor after installation with appropriate signage pointing to the manual fire alarm box.
C. only allowed to be red in color
D. allowed to be either red or white with a red border around it.
6. Where the average ambient noise level is greater than _____________ dBA, a visible alarm notification appliance shall be provided.
A. 95
B. 105
C. 110
D. 115
7. The fire alarm system shall identify the specific initiating device address, location, device type, and floor level except ___________.
A. multiple story buildings less than 10,000 square feet
B. single-story buildings less than 22,500 square feet
C. single-story buildings regardless of size
D. systems installed prior to 1991
8. In buildings with an occupied floor more than120 feet above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access, a voice evacuation system shall be ____________
A. One-way
B. Two-way
C. connected to the fire department
D. multiple-channel
9. During construction and demolition, smoke detectors shall comply with all of the following except ____________
A. temporarily disabled to avoid a false alarm
B. protected from dust and then cleaned upon conclusion of construction
C. covered to prevent exposure to dust
D. removed and then replaced after construction has been completed
10. A fire watch shall be provided during construction and demolition projects during non-working hours for new construction that exceeds __________ feet in height.
A. 25
B. 40
C. 50
D. 75
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