Supply chain experts used to say managing a supply chain involved 80 percent dealing with predictability and 20 percent coping with surprises. Today we’re seeing a total reversal. There have been a lot of surprises from trucking shortages and worldwide port delays. As these challenges persist, dealers are having to get creative with the ways they continue to service their customers — because the reality has been despite the supply challenges – the demand for technology has only seen increases across categories. We have a few ideas for how security dealers can weather the storm.

Call on Current Clients

So many dealers we talk to are hyper-focused on securing the next client, that they often forget about checking in on their current client roster. Communicating with current clients tends to be less of an issue among security dealers generally as recurring revenue is a built-in part of the business in this category. However, how often are you connecting with your current client roster on potential upgrades? The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Survey has found a significant increase in the demand for outdoor space over the last two years, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

The opportunities for security dealers are two-fold. Perhaps your current clients are in need of additional security monitoring as they’ve expanded their outdoor footprint or they could be interested in bringing some entertainment options ... which brings us to our next topic.

Expanding into New Areas

It’s a great time to think about how you can expand both your product line and the types of projects your company does. Outdoor entertainment continues to be a top area of growth among PowerHouse Alliance dealers and it calls on skills that many security pros already have. Starting to expand into new project types can be intimidating but the risk is worth the reward.

Recent research from the Z-Wave State of the Ecosystem report found that among those homeowners who already have a professional security system installed, the appetite is great for additional products. Almost two thirds have had their installer add more devices. PowerHouse Alliance members host regular training on new products, so there are plenty of opportunities to get up to speed in new areas.
While many dealers are loyal to their particular brands, in this climate it’s important for dealers to be flexible and adjust to something else when the product you wanted is not available. The PowerHouse Alliance practices what we preach in this way as we have consistently added to our available product lines and offering more options to dealers to be able to complete projects with confidence.  

Picking the Right Partners

Often times, integrators are focused on the bottom line but it’s more important not to lose sight of the top line – just because another company says they can deliver a product doesn’t make it true, you must have trust with the partners you’re working with. Let your distributor know your needs as soon as you know them.

By building and maintaining a trustworthy, loyal relationship, your distributor can be on the lookout for products, take orders, and hold merchandise until needed. PowerHouse Alliance members pride themselves on open communication with dealers about product availability and options while offering knowledge across their various product lines. If a product is not available, working with your local distributor can potentially lead to another equivalent option. If the relationship is loyal, dealers will often keep you at the top of mind as they work to fulfill orders of in-demand products.

However, it’s important to stay honest with your customers, letting them know what products will or will not work to provide the solution they are looking for.

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