SDM editors met with  Viscount Systems Inc. this week at ASIS. The company announced that their MESH™ system has been selected for a large international complex now under construction. Installation will be staged with final completion by 2009 in preparation for a major event to be held in 2010. The systems will include MESH™ Voice Panels and Kiosks, multiple MESH™ Lanbot Servers, entry readers, gate systems, elevator control and alarm monitoring.
Due to the nature of the event, each MESH™ Voice Panel and Kiosk will include a large number of languages to accommodate the needs of users. The project will include the largest number of MESH™ panels and kiosks installed at a single site. Total revenue will be close to $400k.
 “We continue to add high profile projects to our bookings and the size and value of these continues to increase,” noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount. “We are accumulating increasing numbers of bookings in the $500k range and collectively these will begin to radically alter the top line of our company over the next few years.”