The show floor was abuzz with announcements Monday. HID Global unveiled its new Virtual Credentials—called its idBank System. The idBank System enables the delivery of HID Proximity, HID Indala Proximity, CASI Proximity and HID iCLASS security credential formats to unique forms of radio-frequency technology-enabled tokens. The tokens look like another ID card or credit card, but of course are much more.
 Daniel Ballin, HID’s director of product management, virtual identity, showed SDM the first product form to use HID’s Virtual Credentials—Privaris’ plusID line of personal biometric identity verification tokens for both physical and logical access. The idBank system provides users with the ability to emulate HID and other popular access control credential formats using form factors other than the traditional card.
SANYO Security Systems also had some exciting announcements at the show as well. “You’re already IP ready with SANYO,” was the theme. Frank Abrams, vice president and general manager of the Security Products Division explained that the company has been “quietly” pursuing the goal for some time. Every SANYO Pan Focus and new PTZ camera is designed and engineered for IP applications. Each only requires a simple insertion of one of the company’s IP boards and within minutes, an installer can have anything networked and ready to go. Abrams also announced that SANYO will reduce pricing on all of its major models effective October 1 of this year, allowing the company’s customers to share in the cost savings of SANYO’s products.