The Central Station Alarm Association held its annual meeting this week on the Big Island of Hawaii, and installed new officers at the Wednesday evening President’s Reception.
SDM’s Russ Gager reported live from the meeting, as well as participated on a panel discussion with other editors about trends in technology.
2007 has been an exceptional year, said Steve Doyle, CSAA’s executive vice president. He reported that non-dues income is now two-thirds of the association’s annual budget. “Non-dues revenue growth is a good indicator of the health of the association,” Doyle said.
Doyle also reported that international interest has been expressed in the association’s online courses that are part of the CSAA Five Diamond certification services, from Australia, China, and Brazil where 2,000 central stations are located, he said. CSAA plans to update its Web site with multilingual capability.
Outgoing treasurer Bob Bean reported that 39 new members have joined the association and new dues income has reached $250,000. The association is progressing towards it goal of gaining 75 new members by June 2008, while CSAA currently is conducting a “member-get-a-member” campaign.
CSAA’s newly elected officers are:
  • President – Bud Wulforst, A-1 Security
  • First vice president – Ed Bonifas, Alarm Detection Systems
  • Second vice president – Robert Bean, Alert Alarm of Hawaii
  • Secretary – John Lombardi, CIA Security
  • Treasurer – Daniel Demers, Reliance Protectron Inc.
  • Assistant secretary – Pam Petrow, Vector Security
Incoming directors – Peter Lowitt, Stan Oppenheim, Chester Donati, Mike Meredith, Wayne Beck, Irv Rickless, and Steve Walker.
Ed Turzanski, senior fellow of the Center for Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and Homeland Security with the Foreign Policy Institute was the keynote speaker on Monday, October 22. He compared the war against Islamic extremists, which he thinks started with the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, to the cold war and suggested courses of action to shorten the Islamic war.
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