When the show-ending intercom announcement broke over the exhibit floor at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, I stopped walking for what felt like the first time in three days and listened to an unknown voice thank everyone for attending ASIS 2008 and remark about seeing everyone in Anaheim, California for the conference next year. Moments after the voice faded, the exhibit floor exploded into a whirlwind of commotion and noise. The sounds of structures being torn down, boxes being taped up for shipping, the incessant beeping of forklifts backing up and workers ripping up the walkways were everywhere. I couldn’t stand still any longer. As a matter of survival, I needed to keep moving to avoid being flattened by the army of exhibitors and workers tearing down the show.

      Setting up and tearing down is no easy task. It takes time, materials, and a lot of energy. It is kind of the same with the installation of products. So when you find a way to make that endeavor easy, you pay attention to it. 

      Earlier in the day, I attended a presentation by Isac Tabib, the co-founder of Smarter Access Technologies, White Pains, N.Y., which debuted the Smarter Access Technologies’ UIP product line. The UIP line is a rack-mounted, access control network appliance that is low power, modular, rack mountable, and ‘data center compliant.’ It includes on board diagnostics and remote diagnostics for system commissioning and ongoing remote maintenance. Tabib broke down the technical possibilities of the products and discussed the technologies that make the product so integrator, technician, manufacturer, and end-user friendly. But it was the products’ ease of installation and use that clearly stood out during Tabib’s demonstration. The products are designed to install in mere seconds. That’s right, seconds. That’s about as quick and easy as you can get; definitely worlds apart from the time it takes to tear up all the carpet on the exhibit floor! 

      For information, visit www.smarteraccesstechnogies.com