The process of finding the SDM 2009 Dealer of the Year has begun, and that is exciting for me. The applications we receive from you here at SDM always remind us of all the individual ways that security companies across the nation do things uniquely…and brilliantly – and it makes us proud to cover the industry. Getting to showcase the winner in a feature in the December issue of SDM and share the company’s distinctive, outstanding approach to the industry is always a favorite task I tackle each year.
Of course, I can’t write the feature unless everyone takes the time to fill out the application. Yes, I know… Filling out an application, well, can be annoying and time consuming, and we’re all busy. And yet, getting your company showcased in SDM and letting the entire security industry read about everything you do right makes that time well spent. Better yet, as you gather all the information and showcase all your strengths, you’ll have a renewed sense of what it is that makes you stand out - and that's also worth something. Every time I’ve ever filled out an application for anything, I’ve always learned or remembered things about myself that help motivate me and remind me why I am unique.  It is easy to go through the day-to-day motions and lose that awareness, but a program like Dealer of the Year gives you the chance to remember everything you are striving for and put your individuality back into perspective.
So fill out the application and give me the chance to write about your company….and in the process remember everything that makes you excellent.
Visit the link below to download the nomination form, which tells us that you meet the criteria to apply. All nominations are due by July 15. Once I receive that from you, I’ll send out the actual application asking you about your company’s background and operations. SDM’s Dealer of the Year award, the magazine’s highest honor, has been bestowed upon one deserving security company each year since 1980. The SDM Dealer of the Year award program is open to all companies in the security industry, regardless of their size or market niche.