Telular Corporation announced here at ISC Solutions Telguard Interactive, its remote alarm control solution. Designed to allow consumers to remotely arm, disarm and receive system notifications at an affordable price, Telguard Interactive will be available for the iPhone and Android platforms at the end of November, followed closely by the BlackBerry. The free app comes ready to activate with Telular’s flagship cellular alarm communicator, the TG-1 Express, making it compatible with virtually all residential alarm panels.


The combination of the TG-1 Express with Telguard Interactive allows security dealers to easily increase RMR not only from new installations, but also from their existing customer base, without the expense of replacing their current alarm panels. With minimal programming required Telguard Interactive leverages the basic features built into almost all security panels — the key-switch zone, output triggers and opening and closing reports — for a quick and easy installation and registration.

Designed by Pentagram, a world renowned consumer design firm, Telguard Interactive’s website and mobile applications match the sophistication and style users expect to see on their mobile device, Telguard says. In addition to giving consumers the ability to remotely arm and disarm their system from a mobile device, Telguard Interactive lets them receive notifications of any alarm status change, view arming and alerting history, and securely share access to their systems. The consumer-friendly interface makes the mobile security experience straightforward and simple, requiring very little dealer support.

“With a rapidly rising number of consumers cutting their landlines and needing to access their lives on the go, we developed Telguard Interactive to deliver just the right level of functionality required by most customers at an economical price point,” says Telular’s Shawn Welsh. “We are excited to introduce the Telguard Interactive app as part of our TG-1 Express platform allowing security dealers to now standardize on one, feature-rich cellular alarm solution for all of their residential installations.”

Dealers can go to the iPhone app store and download Telguard Interactive today and use it in demo mode to begin showing the app to their customers. Simply use Demo for the username and password.
The Telguard Interactive app will be available for consumers on November 30.

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