The ultimate personalized luxury accessory knows its owner and not even an ‘Open Sesame’ will release the treasures within. This $825 wallet from Dunhill London is made of a “virtually indestructible” carbon fiber and features a biometric fingerprint sensor. It will only open at a swipe of the correct finger.

bio_wallet_articleThe wallet also has the capability to recognize and communicate with a cell phone via a Bluetooth signal, issuing a sound alert if the two are separated by more than 16.5 feet. Unless a clever thief has chosen a loud and crowded area to swipe wallets, the warning alarm should direct him or her to break down in shame, apologize and return the wallet as opposed to running faster.

Several reviews have pointed out that a lost wallet that won’t open is still a lost wallet. Cash won’t be recovered and credit cards still have to be cancelled and replaced, although even if a thief could get at the cards, current policies will generally minimize liability for fraudulent charges. Still, the faithful wallet can provide some protection for identification cards containing personal information and priceless family photos.

According to a promotional video for a similar biometric wallet from TungstenW, the hard case also protects information contained in RFID chips. RFID-enabled credit or ID cards cannot be scanned while inside the wallet. The video also explains the biometric technology and synchronized opening is enabled through a small motor which can be recharged through a USB port. Finally, another device we can forget to charge!

 What do you think of the use of biometric technology in this type of application? Is it worth the high ticket price? And is there a future for the anti-thief wallet that isn’t also anti-owner? Leave us a comment below.