A few years ago, United Parcel Service ran a series of TV commercials with the slogan, “What Can Brown Do for You?” In the annals of advertising, this campaign probably won’t go down as one of the most memorable or exciting.

Today I ask a similar question. What can “green” do for you? Yes, I’m talking about green design and construction. Please do not throw anything at your computer screen or toss your mobile device across the room. I know some of you are skeptical.

Why design and build environmentally friendly buildings and systems? After all, they might cost more, take longer, and require loads of paperwork.  Here’s why:

1. Green projects look great on your company’s resume. Even if you don’t plan to specialize in these types of projects, doing them keeps you on the short list when a green-minded owners and developers select designers, builders and service pros.

2. Having green projects in your portfolio opens the door to government contracts on all levels. Whether it’s a local municipal office or a federal IRS fortress, lacking green building experience can be a deal breaker.

3. Green projects are where the money is. The few hot building trends are healthcare, government, and education facilities. All three frequently require meeting progressive environmental and performance standards.

Skeptical? I’m not asking you to drink the green Cool-Aide. However, if you’ve resisted getting involved in green construction because of perceived hassle factors, now is a good time to rethink your options.

Virtual Green Expo

On Thursday, Aug. 4, BNP Media presents the Virtual Green Expo. It will provide attendees with lots of educational Webinars (including CEUs), product information, and networking opportunities. I attended last year’s virtual show and it was very engaging.

The Virtual Green Expo is FREE to attend, thanks to some forward-thinking sponsors. Register today at http://www.thevirtualgreenexpo.com/.

Speaking of opportunities, make sure and visit three tradesman-oriented Web sites that will help you gain valuable information, get a job or fill one.

www.heatinghelp.com is a fantastic resource for anyone involved in the hydronics, radiant, solar, HVAC, or energy management. Expert Dan Holohan offers a myriad of opportunities to network and share. Dan is speaking in the Virtual Green Expo on “Old-School Ways to Green Old Schools” at 10:45 a.m. on Aug. 4. Reserve the time slot!

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http://www.birddogjobs.com/BNP/default.aspx?view=1 is where to go to find or fill a job. BNP has teamed up with BirdDog Jobs to provide a career center geared specifically to the design, construction, engineering, maintenance, security and mechanical systems markets. Our goal is to provide solutions to help you find or fill a position, navigate the murky waters of hiring legalities, and create ongoing resources for career development.


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http://tradeshub.mikeroweworks.com/ is a new portal dedicated to the advancement of the skilled trades and to helping trades people excel at their jobs. BNP Media partnered with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame to help make this available. Let’s celebrate tradesmen and women who consider their work a craft worthy of excellence.