Today I took the quick flight from Los Angeles (L.A.) up to San Francisco to attend the California Alarm Association’s (CAA) Winter Convention held December 8-10. The quick plane flight takes away the sense of how enormous California is. A car ride from L.A. to San Francisco on the other hand, takes long enough to place it a little more in perspective (I’ve done it once — and once is enough).

Californiais the most populous state — by far, and it is the third-largest by land area (after Alaska and Texas). That creates a vast territory and an incredible amount of end users for the CAA to cover.

Like California, the CAA is huge, but the CAA is also small because every time I go; there’s an amazing camaraderie and close-knit relationship between all the attendees that is clear to see.

I’m excited to see what is going to be covered. The CAA Winter Convention always provides the opportunity to network and hear about the current state of affairs in the industry, western United States and the nation. But I’m equally looking forward to seeing familiar faces and continuing to connect with the industry on the personal level that makes the CAA, and this industry, so successful.