I grew up watching shuttle launches, hanging on the edge of my seat. I even remember the tragedy of the Challenger — watching the replays of the explosion with silent tears rolling down my face.

This week, the space shuttle Endeavour slowly traveled through the streets of Los Angeles to its final home at the California Science Center (CSC). It is the end of the era, and that also made me tear up a bit. "End-of-an-era" moments don't come around that often.

The shuttle’s final trip to the CSC was big newshere in southern California, getting extra coverage compared to the rest of the country. So even if I didn’t care, I was going to hear about it or see it! It was front page news, as you can see from the photo of the L.A. Times I walked past. It does look surreal. Seeing the shuttle roll down the street in front of your house had to be quite the sight.

Being surrounded with that enhanced coverage of the event made Axis’ participation — and solution for it helped create for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) even more memorable for me. Read more about the “leap-frog” approachAxis helped provide to allow for video surveillance during the shuttle’s 12-mile journey in the story, “'On-the-Fly' Axis IP Video Solution Deployed as NASA Shuttle makes Final Landing in L.A.”