With more than 20 years of business in the IT industry (seven of them in IP surveillance and access control), A3 Communications has been able to use its experience to come up with the top five reasons on why the education market is now leaning towards IP over analog surveillance. And they are:


Reason No. 1 — Cost

We know that analog systems remain the most cost-friendly surveillance option. However, IP is becoming more and more competitively priced. To keep up, IP manufacturers have addressed items such as historically high storage costs. Over the years, we have seen a huge decrease in the cost of storage. For example, H.264 compression helps reduce storage and bandwidth needs for IP, ultimately reducing overall costs. To keep competitive, we think IP will continue to decrease over time.


Reason No. 2 — Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Many schools feel the need to move to IP surveillance for a variety of reasons. Because IP surveillance utilizes the school’s existing infrastructure, it’s an easy transition to make. IP solutions can be connected and powered by a PoE switch and a single Ethernet cable, making it easier to deploy solutions and reuse equipment that schools already have. For example, instead of purchasing a DVR specific to a security system, schools can use existing servers loaded with video management software (VMS) to view and record their IP video.


Reason No. 3 — Additional Coverage

With increased school security threats, additional coverage could help end a potentially bad situation. IP cameras offer HDTV resolution, which sure beats analog’s grainy images. Schools now have the need to cover more areas and with IP’s superior resolution, they’re able to accomplish this with fewer cameras (if strategically placed). We have seen one IP camera offer the same coverage that three analog cameras could. This, combined with clearer images, allows schools to purchase fewer cameras and increase identification quicker.


Reason No. 4 — Advanced Features

Research and development for analog systems is all but extinct. IP surveillance continues to keep up with market demands. Today, advanced features include wide dynamic range, Light Finder technology (that allows cameras to view areas in dark light), and advanced analytics for both the camera and server just to name a few. If a backpack was left in a suspicious spot, or if a vehicle was parked in the fire lane, IP solutions can alert you immediately.


Reason No. 5 — Mobility

There’s an app for that! Let’s face it, we’ve transitioned into a mobile world. Instead of sitting in front of a video wall for hours, watching grainy footage, IP surveillance mobile applications now allow users to view their facility 24/7 from their computer, tablet or smartphone. Principals and security officers alike, now have the ability to view footage regardless of where they are or what time of day it is. Whether it is a Wednesday afternoon walking down the hall or a Saturday morning at home, users can easily check to assure that their school is being kept safe.


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