Check out this recent blog from SIAC.  

"If you’re looking for the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for your alarm installations, look no further than the Installation Quality (IQ) program. SIAC supports initiatives throughout our industry that improve alarm management practices. When it comes to high quality installations, we believe the IQ program offers companies a great opportunity to step up and commit to industry best practices.

IQ certification brings confidence to consumers that the company contracted to install and maintain the alarm system is committed to professional practices set by this elite industry group of security professionals. Installation quality, combined with extensive user training, also ensures that the system will operate within the boundaries of normal maintenance and is less likely to experience unnecessary law enforcement dispatches.

By following specific guidelines and earning IQ Certification, companies demonstrate that they are working with the public safety community to provide effective alarm management. IQ Certification means recognition as a “quality” provider of electronic security systems, the closest thing in our industry to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
You say you’re already following the industry “best practices” and your company alarm dispatch is among the lowest… We would say “That’s terrific!”, so why not join this organization and be recognized as a progressive industry leader?
You can find out more about IQ by going to its website at: IQ is a service to customers seeking the best alarm installation. We all can get behind that."