Ten years ago, CriticalArc launched SafeZone, a safety, security and emergency management solution. The company’s co-founders, Glenn Farrant and Jahmai Lay, formed CriticalArc with a vision to change safety and security. The company now celebrates 10 years of SafeZone.

CriticalArc’s co-founders identified advances in technology and changes in user behavior that led organizations to search for a flexible, and affordable solution to better protect their people. This resulted in the development of CriticalArc’s flagship product, SafeZone. Since the company’s founding, it has expanded globally with offices serving the APAC, EMEA and Americas regions. 

CriticalArc’s has investments in the public safety and security sectors, combined with partnerships with industry associations. As a result of this collaborative approach, customers are more proactive, given the data and insights to impact incident outcomes and improve their team’s performance.

“It’s been a privilege to work with so many forward-looking customers and industry leaders over the past decade as we built SafeZone into the powerful unified solution that it is today,” said Glenn Farrant, co-founder and CEO. “We have the same motivation and energy as we had ten years ago to continue to work with customers and partners to deliver new capabilities and help them enhance safety and security worldwide.”

Looking ahead, Farrant said CriticalArc will focus on mental health, wellbeing and protecting vulnerable communities. It will emphasize delivering a safer workplace that positively influences employee happiness, productivity and retention.

“Our extensive market share and deep relationships with customers will open up new opportunities for deeper levels of collaboration, as illustrated by our recent SafeZone Alliance announcement,” he said. “Together, we’ll continue down our aspirational path to solve problems that were previously unsolvable.”

For more information on CriticalArc and SafeZone go to www.criticalarc.com