Dragonfruit, the scalable AI analytics platform, introduced Dragonfruit Frontier, a new cloud VMS with AI analytics, at the ISC West conference in Las Vegas last week.

“We are excited to showcase Dragonfruit Frontier’s capabilities, integrations, and hardware for the first time in a trade-show setting at ISC West,” said Amit Kumar, Dragonfruit founder and CEO. “Frontier was designed with the user in mind with minimal install requirements, budget-friendly licensing, and low bandwidth requirements, so to finally demonstrate this product in-person to potential users is very exciting.”

Using advanced cloud intelligence, Frontier allows users to securely manage hundreds of locations from a single browser without any additional hardware costs. Frontier is designed for multi-location enterprises that are not able to deploy expensive GPU hardware across all their sites (for on-premises AI), and do not have enough upload bandwidth for cloud-based AI.

Frontier’s base station is built on the Apple M1 platform, providing advanced OS and cost-effective GPU performance.

Frontier integrates with an organization’s existing analog and digital cameras, meaning no rip-and-replace installs or product lock-ins. With pay-as-you-go advanced features, users can start with the VMS and add more features as needed, either à la carte or by packaged suite. 

For more information, visit www.dragonfruitai.com.